MedFamily Call to Action

Support MedFamily to help protect Australian doctors and nurses saving lives on the coronavirus frontline.

MedFamily is a not-for-profit volunteering group comprising of medical professionals, their family and friends, and other supporters. Our mission is to provide our healthcare workers on the frontlines with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) in their fight against the coronavirus.

PPE is vital for protecting medical professionals as well as their patients from contracting the coronavirus. However, there is an acute shortage of PPEs in Australian Hospitals. MedFamily has secured several shipments of TGA approved PPEs, some of which have already arrived in Melbourne. We need your help to pay for and donate the equipment directly to the Victorian hospitals designated for treating coronavirus patients. We are also working hard to secure the continuous supply of PPE for as long as required to keep our healthcare workers safe during this global pandemic.

MedFamily needs your support to carry out our vision of keeping Victorian healthcare workers safe through the provision of critical PPE equipment. Any donation, no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated, and will make a big difference.

Every Contribution Helps

If you would like to support our cause, please send your donations to the following dedicated donation account: